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24 The Celtics' Fight for Survival
After a lackluster season and a slow start in the playoffs, Boston showed Atlanta's Hawks some real muscle
by Anthony Cotton

30 Another Slew Comes Out of the Wood
Just like his Triple Crown-winning father, Slew O' Gold made a name for himself in New York's Wood Memorial
by William Nack

32 It Was Bourne Again and Again
The Islanders found an unlikely hero in Bob Bourne as they beat the Rangers and aimed at Stanley Cup No. 4
by Alexander Wolff

40 And They're Off!
A Kentucky Derby sketchbook depicts the 1982 running—and added attractions, from jetsetters to juleps
Paintings by Ken Dallison

50 Big Fish in a Big Pond
Even in the crowded pool of lightweight talent, 20-year-old Edwin Rosario may be the toughest boxer to catch
by Jack McCallum

54 The Marathon's Maine Woman
Down East runner Joan Benoit strode into downtown Boston with a world-best time—2:22:42
by Kenny Moore and Lisa Twyman

70 For Better, for Worse
Whom ball clubs have joined together as roommates, no man shall put asunder—but sometimes it does happen
by Jack McCallum


Scorecard 19
Baseball 62
For the Record 91
19th Hole 92

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Credits on page 91