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26 The Force Ran Its Course
Indomitable Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and a fierce fast break gave L.A. a 3-1 lead over Portland in the NBA playoffs
by Bruce Newman

32 This Team Is Goal-Oriented
Record-shattering offensive play carried the Oilers to a three-games-to-none NHL playoff lead over the Hawks
by Jack Falla

34 For Ryan, It Was a Very Special K
Houston's Nolan Ryan became the game's leading strikeout pitcher by breaking Walter Johnson's 56-year-old mark
by Jim Kaplan

42 It's About as Clear as Mud
The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, the prep races have been run, but no solid favorite has emerged from the mire
by William Nack

48 Glad Times for Mad Dog
Belying his nickname, Bill Madlock of the Pirates has a rein on his explosive temper and a hold on the good life
by Steve Wulf

68 The Rivers of Thou Shalt Not
On the holiest of English streams, an American angler encounters the wariest of trout and an exacting code
by William Humphrey


Scorecard 21
Boxing 58
Diving 60
Baseball 62
For the Record 92
19th Hole 94

Credits on page 92

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt