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30 The Grand Gamble Paid Off
Trainer David Cross bet the stable that Sunny's Halo would win the 109th Kentucky Derby. And that's what he did
by William Nack

36 He's Managing Quite Well, Thank You
Joe Altobelli, Earl Weaver's successor, has the Orioles off flying, and is even getting along with Jim Palmer
by Jeff Wheelwright

40 And Suddenly He's a Man of Clay
Amid the suits and slurs at Forest Hills, John McEnroe showed that he can dish it out on the dirt with anyone
by Curry Kirkpatrick

48 A Rare Bird
Dave Stieb of the Toronto Blue Jays didn't become a pitcher until five years ago, but already he's one of the best
by Ron Fimrite

54 'Born at E.T.'s Knee'
Mark Talbott, who has just completed a magical season on the pro squash tour, is out of this world on and off court
by Franz Lidz

78 Swirling Shades of Gray
By permitting some integration in sports, South Africa has created an illusion of progress without real change
by Clive Gammon


Scorecard 25
Baseball 64
Pro Football 70
Hockey 72
TV/Radio 77
For the Record 113
19th Hole 114

Credits on page 113

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra