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24 Holmes Had a Spoonful
Larry Holmes is talking of hanging 'em up after unheralded Tim Witherspoon almost took away his WBC title
by Pat Putnam

30 A Big Loss for a Gambling Quarterback
Art Schlichter has been suspended for making bets on NFL games and has a reported debt of $750,000
by Douglas S. Looney

32 Are They the Greatest Ever?
By finishing off the Oilers, the New York Islanders hoisted themselves into the company of the Montreal dynasties
by E.M. Swift

34 Bring On the Coconut Snatchers
That's just one of the many ways the Dodgers have been able to change players but not their overall position
by Steve Wulf

40 Brother, Are They Armed!
The Crouser brothers—Mitch, Dean and Brian—are track and field's first family when it comes to throwing things
by Kenny Moore

48 Alone No Longer
After eight months, the solo circumnavigators have sailed back to Newport, led by France's Philippe Jeantot
by Sarah Pileggi

76 Is This a Holy Place?
There are two views on Mono Lake: It's a natural—albeit weird-treasure or just another watering hole for L.A.
by Bil Gilbert


Scorecard 19
Baseball 64
Motor Sports 70
Horse Racing 74
For the Record 95
19th Hole 96

Credits on page 95

Cover photograph by Manny Millan