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30 Better by Leaps and Bounds
The Philadelphia 76ers had a high old time in bursting to a 3-0 lead in games over the Lakers in the NBA finals
by Bruce Newman

36 Udo Beyer Beware, the U.S. Is There
After a long dry spell, America now has six shotputters to challenge the East German world-record holder
by Craig Neff

38 The Block Party That Backfired
Even teamwork by two Unsers could not put a stop to Tom Sneva's run to his first triumph in the Indy 500
by Robert F. Jones

46 Going...Going...Gone!
Undisputed middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler made quick work of challenger Wilford Scypion
by Pat Putnam

54 He's the Head Hog, by George
George Starke is a man of many parts but he is best known as chief of the Redskins' famed offensive line
by Jack McCallum

90 Then Zing Go the Strings
That, say many top tennis players, is what happens after the Wizard of Boz works his magic on their rackets
by Ray Kennedy


Scorecard 25
TV/Radio 71
Baseball 72
Indoor Soccer 76
Lacrosse 81
Track & Football 84
For the Record 123
19th Hole 124

Credits on page 123

Cover photograph by Manny Millan