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18 A Tale of Two Cities
It is the best of times for Montreal and Toronto, Canadian rivals and surprising division leaders in the Summer Game
by Steve Wulf

24 USFL Playoffs

The Philadelphia Stars' hopes were fast dimming, but they rallied from 21 points back to beat the Chicago Blitz
by Ralph Wiley

27 After lowering prices, the Michigan Panthers lowered the boom 37-21 on Oakland before 60,237 fans
by Alexander Wolff

34 The U.S. Was Out of Its Class
The less-than-the-best Americans at the World University Games couldn't make the grade against the Soviets
by Kenny Moore

39 Pearl Is a Rare Old Gem
At the extraordinary age of 52, master bodybuilder Bill Pearl is still under construction, and he could pass for 30
by Terry Todd

64 He Ran, But Knew Not Why
Young Sydney Maree didn't realize it, but as he compulsively worked out in South Africa, he was running for his life
by Gary Smith


Scorecard 13
Baseball 52
Soccer 56
TV/Radio 63
For the Record 85
19th Hole 86

Credits on page 85

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra