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16 Something Big Is Brewing
Red-hot Milwaukee has streaked from last place to within sight of the lead in the American League East Division
by Ron Fimrite

22 The Empire Strikes Out
A bad year for British track grew worse when Steve Scott beat Sebastian Coe in a test of the world's top milers
by Craig Neff

26 "Are These People Spending Real Money?"
That's what the owner of hip No. 308 asked as a record $10.2 million was bid for his yearling at the Keeneland sales
by William F. Reed

34 Now Here's a Macho, Macho, Macho Man
Hector Camacho used to steal cars for fun, but now he's riding his streetwise style to fame in the ring
by Joan Ackermann-Blount

40 Wall Street Richard
The Jets' Richard Todd is no Broadway Joe off the field, and to be one on it he'll have to win a Super Bowl
by Douglas S. Looney

50 A Doodle Dandy of a Dogfight
Motorcyclists Kenny Roberts and Freddie Spencer are thrilling European fans with their Grand Prix shoot-out
by Sam Moses

62 The Steroid Predicament
In spite of evidence that anabolic steroids can undermine one's health, their use is widespread among athletes
by Terry Todd


Scorecard 11
Baseball 54
Swimming 60
For the Record 81
19th Hole 82

Credits on page 81

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra