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10 Dodgers, This Spud's for You
Now, with the help of Mr. Potato Head, Los Angeles has whipped past the Braves and into the NL West lead
by Steve Wulf

16 He Gave Himself a Birthday Present
Edwin Moses, who is 400-meter hurdling, celebrated his 28th birthday with a fourth world record in West Germany
by Kenny Moore

18 Trying to Replace the Irreplacable
For Georgia, life after Herschel began with a soggy win over UCLA and a quartet of runners trying to take his spot
by Jack McCallum

22 Liberty Is Free to Face a Fierce Foe
After beating Courageous five times in six races, Dennis Conner's Liberty was chosen to defend the America's Cup
by Sarah Pileggi

24 In Cincy, the News Isn't Good
Wracked by problems off the field, the Bengals have big trouble on it, too, judging by their loss to the Raiders
by Paul Zimmerman

30 Second to Short to None
The Keystone Kids, Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker, keep the Tigers purring in the American League East race
by Steve Wulf

52 A Shining Knight No More
Once he was Beautiful Harvey Martin of the Dallas Cowboys; now the lights have dimmed and the party's over
by Gary Smith


7 Scorecard
40 Baseball
44 Soccer
48 Golf
50 College Football
69 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: Dodger Manager Tommy Lasorda had lots to cheer about, which was more than could be said for Bengal Ken Anderson or the crew of Courageous, which bowed out of America's Cup competition.



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