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20 Philly Is Streaking for Home
With 10 consecutive victories Philadelphia all but put a lock on the rough-and-tumble race in the National League East
by Steve Wulf

26 Victory at Sea for Australia II
Sport's longest winning streak is broken as the Aussies come from way behind to capture the America's Cup
by Sarah Pileggi

36 He Changed Hands, as Did the Title
Gerrie Coetzee depended on his left as well as his right to take away Michael Dokes's heavyweight championship
by Pat Putnam

40 Suddenly, the 'Eyes Have It
By beating Ohio State 20-14, the Iowa Hawkeyes showed the Big Ten's Big Two has been replaced by a Big Three
by Jack McCallum

46 Memories Are Made of This
Johnny Bench and Carl Yastrzemski, baseball greats who are quitting, view retirement from divergent perspectives
by William Nack

96 Special Report: Inside Interior
Because of his words, actions—and inaction—James Watt is losing support, even in the West. The second of two parts
by Bil Gilbert


15 Scorecard
78 College Football
84 Pro Football
86 Baseball
95 Harness Racing
115 For the Record
116 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: For two cagey guys, Ozzie Virgil of the Phils and sports-star impostor Lee Trotter, times were bad, but they were flat-out grand for Iowa's Mike Hufford, here making an upside-down catch.



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