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20 By the Skin of Their Teeth
Just when the Washington Redskins seemed beaten, they rallied for 17 fast points to shock the L.A. Raiders 37-35
by Jack McCallum

26 Staking a Claim to Best Ever
Led by three Heisman candidates, Nebraska of '83 could transcend Notre Dame of '24, Army of '44 and all the rest
by Douglas S. Looney

36 On Target for The Games
He may not look like an athlete, but archer Rick McKinney is a good bet for a gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympics
by Dan Levin

44 Hockey '83-84: the Drive for Five

SI's unconventional scouting report of the 21 NHL teams reveals that the Islanders will win their fifth straight Cup
by Jack Falla

Washington made a big Capital gain last year when it got Defenseman Rod Langway from the Montreal Canadiens
by E.M. Swift

86 Gall, in Three Parts
One must be bold indeed to take on the triathlon's punishing combination of swimming, bicycling and running events
by Dan Levin


15 Scorecard
62 TV/Radio
64 Baseball
68 College Football
79 Soccer
82 Wrestling
111 For the Record
113 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: Frank Sutton, 92, hopes his old school, Marietta College, catches on and wins a game, and if Richard Sevigny doesn't grab that puck, those arrows could be aimed his way.



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