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20 The Orioles All Pitched In
Baltimore routed Philadelphia in a five-game World Series that featured rookie Mike Boddicker and a trio of Stooges
by Steve Wulf

38 A Close Call for Captain Jack
Under the command of Jack Nicklaus a team of U.S. golf pros barely defeated the Europeans for the Ryder Cup
by Dan Jenkins

40 Gone With The Wins
Tampa Bay is 0-7 without USFL-bound Quarterback Doug Williams, the key man in Coach John McKay's plans
by John Underwood

50 He'd Sooner Be at Home
Disenchanted with football and his coach, Oklahoma Tailback Marcus Dupree went AWOL back to Mississippi
by Douglas S. Looney

86 A Trip East with West
Dame Rebecca West's classic volume inspired a journey to the fascinating country of the 1984 Winter Olympics
by William Oscar Johnson


17 Scorecard
56 Movies
63 Horse Racing
67 College Football
76 Pro Football
80 Bridge
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra


LEADING OFF: In Baltimore, Rick Dempsey couldn't wait to get at the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series, while far away in Yugoslavia, Sarajevo awaits the '84 Winter Games.



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