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22 The Big Heist on the Coast
The 49ers kept taking the ball away from the Rams in the end zone and thereby took over first place in the NFC West
by Paul Zimmerman

28 No Keeping Him from His Goal
Four months out of high school, Buffalo's Tom Barrasso is what he always dreamed of becoming: an NHL goaltender
by Jack Falla

30 Oh, for the Glory Days of Yesteryear
Notre Dame beat Southern Cal for a change, but all it proved is that the Trojans have farther to go than the Irish
by Douglas S. Looney

38 Pro Basketball 1983-84

As the preseason proved, Ralph Sampson won't be a dominating center overnight. Will he be eventually? You bet
by Anthony Cotton

Slam dunks and one-on-one moves add glitter to the NBA scene, but it is hard work that wins the championships
by Anthony Cotton

Scouting Reports: Los Angeles, San Antonio, Milwaukee and Philadelphia should repeat as the division winners

104 The Gospel According to Hubie
New York Knicks Coach Hubie Brown preaches X's and O's, teaches defense and invariably speaks his mind
by Bruce Newman


17 Scorecard
86 College Football
94 Marathon
98 Pro Football
103 TV/Radio
123 For the Record
124 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Peter Read Miller

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LEADING OFF: As the NBA season begins, look for Moses Malone to drill Philly's rivals one mo' time. As for Rod Dixon, it looked to be lights out as he trailed Geoff Smith in the New York City Marathon with less than a mile to go, but Dixon staged a stunning and triumphant finish.



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