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18 Super Saturday!

Illinois tossed a Champaign party by beating Michigan and all but clinching a rare Rose Bowl bid
by Steve Wulf

Auburn's Tigers were burning bright after a 28-21 victory, but the Florida Gators were just burning
by Craig Neff

Fortunes turned Maryland's way in the ACC as once again North Carolina's cookie crumbled
by Jack McCallum

Miami sent Hurricane warnings all the way to Nebraska with its 20-3 beating of West Virginia
by John Underwood

34 Just the Perfect Couple
In ice dancing, Torvill and Dean of England are nonpareil—on top of the Worlds and virtually assured of Olympic gold
by Bob Ottum

44 Sometimes the Good Die Young
The Chiefs' Joe Delaney would have been 25 last week had he not given up his life trying to save two drowning boys
by Frank Deford

78 'I Am Still a Pistol'
So says Roberto Duran, who three years after "no màs" is to battle Marvin Hagler for a fourth world championship
by William Nack


13 Scorecard
55 College Football
62 Gymnastics
66 Pro Basketball
70 Pro Football
77 TV/Radio
99 For the Record
100 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Manny Millan

Credits on page 99


LEADING OFF: While West Virginia couldn't make heads or tails of Keith Griffin—yup, another of Archie's brothers—and his Miami mates, Roberto Duran pondered the grim prospect of fighting Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Indiana fans had basketball on the brain.



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[See caption above.]