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22 Uproar over an Upending
When Chicago's Tom Lysiak was suspended for 20 games for putting a linesman on the ice, he took the NHL to court
by Bob Verdi and Jerry Kirshenbaum

26 When Push Came to Shove in the NBA
With the regular referees locked out, pro basketball has taken on the appearance of height night at the fights
by Anthony Cotton

30 A Totally Mixed-Up Affair
The World Mixed Doubles championship outsoaped the soaps, but a reunion of Chris and Jimmy stole the show
by Curry Kirkpatrick

38 An Army Man to the Core
Soviet Goaltender Vladislav Tretiak thinks only of the 1984 Olympic gold medal and his beloved Central Army team
by E.M. Swift

49 The Class of Their Class
Eric Dickerson, Curt Warner and Dan Marino are the cream of the deepest crop of rookies ever in pro football
by Paul Zimmerman

61 The Steve and Gordon Show
When Steve Young, BYU's nonpareil passer, isn't threading the needle to Gordon Hudson, they give it to each other
by Jack McCallum

88 Mount Everest: Pure and Simple
An American expedition was set to climb the world's highest peak without oxygen masks, but was it ready to fail?
by Galen Rowell


17 Scorecard
66 Movies
68 College Football
79 Weightlifting
82 Pro Football
111 For the Record
113 19th Hole

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In Los Angeles, Ram rookie Eric Dickerson had the NFL goggling at his prowess. In Moscow, Soviet weightlifters had their hands on almost all the world titles. In China, U.S. climbers get ready for a flight to Tibet and an Everest ordeal.