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32 It Rained on SMU's Parade
The formidable Mustangs shut out Arkansas, only to be shut out themselves by the major bowls for lack of appeal
by Douglas S. Looney

38 Better Luck Next Time, Celtics
The Philadelphia 76ers' Andrew Toney shot down Boston and its latest witness for the defense—Dennis Johnson
by Anthony Cotton

40 Less Pizzazz, but More Pizzas
Pizzas are wins to Browns Coach Sam Rutigliano, who has learned it's better to pitch shutouts than interceptions
by Paul Zimmerman

48 College Basketball 1983-84

The Peach Basket Festival in Springfield, Mass. celebrates the birth of basketball and the start of every new season
by Alexander Wolff

North Carolina's stars, Forward Sam Perkins and Guard Michael Jordan, are the best one-two punch in the game
by Curry Kirkpatrick

SI picks the Top 20, names the other teams that should get NCAA bids and calls Kentucky Wesleyan tops in Division II, Southwestern Oklahoma State No. 1 among NAIA women

106 The Liege Lord of Noxzema
Houston's 7-foot center, Akeem Olajuwon, has come out of Nigeria to give a brand-new meaning to the term "faze jhob"
by Curry Kirkpatrick


27 Scorecard
96 College Football
104 Biathlon
139 For the Record
140 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Lane Stewart


LEADING OFF: Splish, splash, SMU and Arkansas cheerleaders were taking a bath at the conclusion of the Mustangs' 17-0 victory, but the antiquated bowl selection system dampened Southern Methodist's spirits.