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20 The Big Cat Came to Play
Sam Bowie did everything but score a basket as Kentucky blew out Louisville in the rivalry that wasn't but now is
by Curry Kirkpatrick

26 No Chip off the Old Block
By wading in like his slugging father, ex-heavyweight champ Joe, Marvis Frazier was stopped by Larry Holmes
by Pat Putnam

28 No Skinsflints Around Here, for Sure
When golf's greatest foursome met for a friendly $360,000 game of skins, it was a bonny Desert Highlands fling
by Dan Jenkins

36 They Plan to Do Some Tough Sledding
Though U.S. lugers don't figure to win Olympic gold, they've improved so rapidly that they well may win a medal
by Alexander Wolff

38 A Clash of Turkeys
The loser was the winner when the 1-11 Houston Oilers met the 1-11 Tampa Bay Bucs in a battle of the beatens
by Steve Wulf

44 Flight to the Finnish
Finland's young Matti Nykänen, who's the best ski jumper in the world, also has a temper that soars to the heights
by Bob Ottum

76 How King Rat Became the Big Cheese
Can V talk? Yeah. Can V coach? Absolutely, Jim Valvano hit the big time when N.C. State won the '83 NCAA title
by Curry Kirkpatrick


15 Scorecard
55 College Football
62 Cross-Country
64 College Basketball
70 Pro Basketball
97 For the Record
98 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: Above is where Finnish world champ Matti Nykänen goes to get a lift, but there was no rousing this Middle during Navy's yawner over Army. Former baker Erica Terwillegar found time to loaf, too, during the U.S. luge team's European tour.



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