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24 Some Things Don't Change
No matter how many other teams the red-hot Oilers beat, they just can't get by the Islanders, who won 4-2 last week
by Jack Falla

30 Pete, Today's Game Stinks
The author and oldtimers like Ray Nitschke offer the same message to Pete Rozelle: The NFL ain't what it used to be
by Paul Zimmerman

38 The Mavs Have Joined the Haves
NBA have-nots in their first three seasons, the Dallas Mavericks have made a leap to the top of the heap
by Anthony Cotton

44 Blood's Young No More
Los Angeles Ram Defensive End Jack Youngblood, a 13-year veteran, is out of sync with both his game and his life
by Barry McDermott

56 'Do You Know Who I Am?'
Jeff Chandler, noted Groucho Marx look-alike, is the first world bantamweight champion from the U.S. since 1950
by Franz Lidz

84 Playing in a Dream World
The U.S. Olympic hockey team doesn't believe for a minute that it can simply toy with the mighty Soviets in Sarajevo
by E.M. Swift


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66 College Basketball
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75 Marathon
80 Harness Racing
109 For the Record
112 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: L.A. was hurting after losing a game to upsurging Dallas and Magic Johnson to a dislocated finger, but teen-age sharpshooter Pat LaFontaine could be just the medicine for U.S. Olympic hockey hopes. Is the NFL ailing? Don't tell it to the referee, Jerry Seeman.



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