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12 The 'Boys Lost Poise
The Redskins ran away from Dallas 31-10 as, in the third quarter, the Cowboys uncharacteristically came unglued
by Paul Zimmerman

18 New Hope from the 'Scope
The Miracle Machine recharged Terry Bradshaw's arm, and he has charged up the Pittsburgh Steelers' playoff prospects
by Jill Lieber

20 This Was the Stuff of Dreams
The NCAA soccer final was a sweet vision for defending champ Indiana and a double-OT nightmare for Columbia
by Jack Falla

22 This Card Is an Ace
Kevin McHale often seems to play without a full deck, but he's a sixth man worthy of the Boston Celtics' tradition
by Alexander Wolff

30 A Tale of a Bird and a Bee
Bob Baumhower, noted nose tackle and parrot fancier, puts extra sting into the Miami Dolphins' Killer Bee defense
by Rick Telander

38 He Has Returned to His Roots
After a grand rookie season, Pitcher Mike Boddicker of the Orioles is back home in the "baseball capital of the world"
by Steve Wulf

68 It's a Family Affair
There has never been a band of brothers in football like the Browners, a close-knit bunch in triumph as well as adversity
by John Garrity


9 Scorecard
51 College Basketball
61 Inside Pitch
64 Hockey
87 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: Indiana jumped for joy upon scoring the only goal in the NCAA soccer championship, new Iowa basketball coach, George Raveling, twisted in torment as the Hawkeyes dropped a pair and, shades of 1980, it was U!S!A!U!S!A! time at Lake Placid.



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