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14 Super Bowl XVIII
Playing an old-fashioned man-to-man brand of football, the L.A. Raiders beat the Washington Redskins in Tampa
by Paul Zimmerman

30 Strength Is Her Strength
Jarmila Kratochvilova romped in her U.S. debut, but only in practice was the Czech track star's full power evident
by Kenny Moore

32 Out to Cut Fancy Figures in Sarajevo
Falls marred the national championships, but U.S. Olympic figure skaters proved their mettle by rising again
by Bob Ottum

36 King of the Rocky Mountains
Dan Issel's regal career has not gotten its due, but Denver fans don't have to be told he's worth his weight in gold
by Douglas S. Looney

64 He Goes Where the In Crowd Goes
Buckle your seat belt, because you're about to live life in the fast lane with Tommy Lasorda and his closest friends
by Ron Fimrite


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46 Movies
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81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Andy Hayt