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14 It Sure Wasn't in the Bag
The $36 million wonder horse Devil's Bag was outraced in the Flamingo Stakes by Time for a Change and Dr. Carter
by William Nack

20 Taking Turns for the Better
Olympic downhill champion Bill Johnson's crisply carved curves meant victory on the Aspen World Cup course
by William Oscar Johnson

22 A Sudden Slide into Uncertainty
After a year that brought disappointments and cocaine busts, Kansas City is putting on a new face for the future
by Jim Kaplan

28 The Man with the Golden Arm
The Los Angeles Express lured Steve Young, the premier college quarterback, to the USFL with a $36 million deal
by Jack McCallum

32 'He's Out!' Not 'You're Out!'
Joe Brinkman's Umpire School, where 90% of aspiring umps get the thumb, is one of only two routes to the pros
by Armen Keteyian

40 Two, Four, Six Bits, a Deutsche Mark
Basketball with a Teutonic twist has the Washington Huskies on top in the Pac-10, and that's the tip of the Eisberg
by Alexander Wolff

66 Why We Lost the America's Cup
The author, who skippered Defender in the trials, says the U.S. had charted a fatal course before the races began
by Tom Blackaller


9 Scorecard
50 Tennis
54 Hockey
58 College Basketball
65 TV/Radio
83 For the Record
84 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra


LEADING OFF: In short, two-foot Katie Stout, 18 months, must long for nothing now that 7-foot Olaf Blab, a basketball-playing West German high school exchange student, resides with grandma and grandpa in Charleston, Ill.