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14 Who'll Be Destiny's Darling?
Sentiment would answer Ray Meyer of DePaul, but the reality may be otherwise in the NCAA basketball tournament
by Curry Kirkpatrick

22 Give These Pats a Pat
Olympic stars Pat LaFontaine and Pat Flatley didn't win medals but hope to drink from the Islanders' Stanley Cup
by E.M. Swift

28 Putting His Back into His Work
Intense, driven Rick Carey, the world record backstroker, goes all out for perfection in everything that he does
by Craig Neff

43 'My Teams Are Collages'
Sculptor Roy Simmons Jr. followed his dad as Syracuse lacrosse coach, and last year he won the national title
by Franz Lidz

58 Great Feats on Foot
From humble beginnings, Jesse Castañeda has set world walking records and gained renown as a perambulator
by Joan Ackermann-Blount


9 Scorecard
50 Boxing
54 Golf
75 For the Record
76 19th Hole

Credits on page 75

Cover photograph by Manny Rubio


LEADING OFF: Woody Stephens' woes: First, Devil's Bag came up empty in the Flamingo; then last Saturday, Swale (left, all yellow silks) proved to be less than swell in the Fountain of Youth, finishing third behind the eye-opening colt, Darn That Alarm (right).