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16 It Was Trial by Fire
After a brutal week of basketball in Bloomington, 20 players qualified for what could be the best U.S. Olympic team
by Curry Kirkpatrick

22 Now It's Domination on the Dirt
Martina Navratilova routed Chris Evert Lloyd at her own game on her own beloved clay in the WTA Championships
by Barry McDermott

24 Tigers, Tigers Burning Bright
With the help of savvy coach Roger Craig, pitchers Jack Morris and Dan Petry have Detroit off to a blazing start
by Jim Kaplan

32 NFL Draft Preview
The NFL draft used to be a terrific harvest of talent, but this year's crop of players has been picked over by the USFL
by Paul Zimmerman

The draft is a charade, says the author's old friend The Coach, who believes the system should be scrapped 38
by John Underwood

44 The Toughest Coach There Ever Was
Bob (Bull) (Cyclone) Sullivan was known for his iron fist and his passing game, but there was much more to the man
by Frank Deford

74 From Russia with Love
Soviet émigré Max Blank is learning life in America can be sweet if you're 6'8½" and can hit the turnaround jumper
by Bruce Newman


11 Scorecard
62 Baseball
66 Pro Basketball
70 Hockey
95 For the Record
96 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: Zut alors! The Battle of Quebec, a.k.a. the Adams Division playoff finals between the Canadiens and the Nordiques, was a bloody one, particularly for the unbowed Randy Moller (center) of Quebec. Montreal won the series 4-2, though it packed 'em into the penalty box (left inset). Even the backup goalies (right inset) joined the tempestuous tango.