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26 All's Swale That Ends Swale
That was the word from Louisville after Seattle Slew's son ran off with the Kentucky Derby, leaving 19 rivals behind
by William Nack

32 When Will the Bubble Burst?
Even though they continue to win at a blistering pace, the Detroit Tigers realize that it can't possibly last forever
by Ron Fimrite

36 The Great Ones Go After the Great One
After a slow start, New York stuck it to the Montreal Canadians and now faces the Gretzky Oilers with dynastic élan
by E.M. Swift

42 'This One Was for My Friends'
A man of rare graciousness during his years of despair, Ben Crenshaw is still just that after his epic Masters win
by Sarah Pileggi

56 A Hunk Hits the Road
If you don't think life as a front man for a pizza chain can be beautiful, take a careful look at driver Danny Sullivan
by Bob Ottum

82 A New Voyage for an Old Salt
Welsh sailor-author Tristan Jones has lost a leg but, be assured, not his appetite for high adventure on the high seas
by Ray Kennedy


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115 For the Record
117 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: It was the start of a sparkling evening for Islander fans when, as is their custom, they lit up for the singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" before Game 6 of their team's Wales Conference title series against Montreal. The Isles sparkled themselves, eliminating the Canadians from the playoffs by a 4-1 score.