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18 Making Waves at Indy
Given a race car right out of the box, Rick Mears got the bugs out—and then it was lights out for the 500 field
by Sam Moses

24 They Showed the Way in San Jose
On the straight and hanging a left, Carl Lewis tore up the track, while Brian Oldfield unloaded one humongous heave
by Ralph Wiley

26 Hot on the Tails of the Tigers
The up-and-coming Toronto Blue Jays won seven straight to begin putting pressure on mighty, but stumbling, Detroit
by Steve Wulf

34 Together at Center Stage
Score "1" for Magic Johnson in his duel with Larry Bird as Los Angeles stunned Boston in Game 1 of the NBA finals
by Bruce Newman

44 He Came Out Picture Perfect
A "can't miss kid" in high school, Stefan Humphries didn't disappoint any teachers or football coaches at Michigan
by Douglas S. Looney

54 Playing Ancient Games
The links of Ireland, golf's best-kept secret, represent the essence of the game, and there are no waiting times
by Sarah Pileggi

90 Knucksie Hasn't Lost His Grip
Unceremoniously booted out of Atlanta, Phil Niekro, 45, is starring for the Yankees with his sprightly knuckler
by Steve Wulf


13 Scorecard
72 Marathon
78 Golf
82 Baseball
113 For the Record
114 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Carl Skalak


LEADING OFF: Literally leading off—and teeing off—is Damaso Garcia of Toronto, the best little second-place team in baseball, which snuck up on Detroit last week by winning seven straight.