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16 Tragedy at Sea
A squall overturned Marques, one of 42 vessels in the Tall Ships race, and only nine of the 28 aboard were found alive
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

20 Family Feud in Philadelphia
Hugging on the sideline and slugging in the batter's box, Phillies West (Chicago) took on Phillies East for first place
by Jim Kaplan

24 The Ducks Did It with Cruz Control
Cheered on by a home campus crowd, Oregon won the NCAA track title as Joaquim Cruz scored a nifty double
by Craig Neff

32 Bulgaria's Vest-Pocket Hercules
Pound for 123 pounds, Naim Suleimanov is the world's greatest weightlifter, no small feat for someone who's 16
by Terry Todd

70 Sparky & George
The Tigers' manager may be aptly nicknamed for his baseball persona, but away from the game, he's another fellow
by Ron Fimrite


11 Scorecard
50 Boxing
56 Pro Basketball
60 Golf
64 Baseball
87 For the Record
88 19th Hole

Credits on page 87

Cover photograph by Jerry Wachter


LEADING OFF: If Hog heaven is rooting In the dirt, Mike Conley of the Arkansas Razorbacks was there with wings on as he won the NCAA long-jump championship with this leap of 27'¼" at Eugene, Ore.