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14 Red, White, Black and Blue
Bobby Knight invited his Olympic basketball team's NBA opponents to get physical, and they did—but the kids won
by Curry Kirkpatrick

20 And Then the Eagle Landed
Hollis Stacy broke a year-long slump and shot to her third victory in the U.S. Women's Open with a spectacular eagle
by Jaime Diaz

22 The Wranglers Were Star Struck
Philadelphia proved that might makes right—and right of way—as it beat the Wranglers 23-3 for the USFL title
by Ralph Wiley

28 His Bad Rep Is a Bad Rap
So says Cincinnati's fiery-tempered fireballer Mario Soto, who has been suspended twice this year for his outbursts
by Steve Wulf

32 Summer Camp
It's no picnic, folks. It's basic training, NFL-style, an annual ordeal of conditioning, collision, cramming and curfews
Illustrations by Robert M. Cunningham

44 The Waiting Is Over
After six years of formidable training, the U.S. women's volleyball team is still virtually intact—and looking golden
by Joan Ackermann-Blount

62 Can We Live in Peace with the Grizzly?
Should we treat the grizzly bear as a species threatened by man, or as a threat to man? There's no simple answer
by Bil Gilbert


9 Scorecard
52 TV/Radio
54 Boxing
56 Baseball
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

Credits on page 81

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier


LEADING OFF: Up but not in was the fate of these shots by Hollis Stacy in the third round of the Women's Open and Olympian Michael Jordan during a game against NBA all-stars in Milwaukee. Ultimately, Stacy blasted to her third Open title, and Jordan & Co. overcame undermining by the likes of Mickey Johnson to win 94-78.



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