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24 The Olympics

Hey, Russia, it was a heck of a party as the L.A. Games got off to a rousing start with a wondrous opening ceremony
by Kenny Moore

34 On a splashy inaugural day for swimming, Americans won four golds in three events, and two world records fell
by Craig Neff

42 Connie Carpenter became the first female cycling gold medalist in Olympic history as the U.S. won the road races
by Ron Fimrite

49 Last One In Is the U.S. Open Champ!
Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller, a down-home boy from Indiana, made a big splash by not throwing in the towel in the U.S. Open
by Barry McDermott

62 Up Against the Wall
Will Boston spring for the millions to keep Jim Rice, its Maestro of the Green Monster, performing in Fenway Park?
by Steve Wulf

82 In the Water, In the Air, In L.A.
With the Olympics under way, the author recalls two men of Los Angeles defined by how they moved in their elements
by Robert Towne


19 Scorecard
71 Pro Football
76 Baseball
107 For the Record
108 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra

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LEADING OFF: If upon reflection the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Games seemed a bit brassy, well, small wonder. Considering that they were held in the entertainment capital of the world, the rites at the L.A. Coliseum figured to have an Olympian amount of oompah-pah.