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22 The Olympics

Epitomizing the triumphant in track and field was Carl Lewis with his four gold medals. But Mary Decker was devastated
by Kenny Moore

The home team won nine boxing titles, but even it yelped about being jobbed, and squabbled within its own ranks 56
by Pat Putnam

U.S. basketball players of both sexes were so strong they turned their sport into the Official Ennui of the '84 Games 72
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Greg Louganis of the U.S. was on a flight path all his own in the men's diving, but the women were full of surprises 80
by Craig Neff

The U.S. men's volleyball team lost to Brazil in an early game, but when gold was up for grabs it was no contest 84
by Ron Fimrite

With many of the finest competitors in the world absent, a rough, tough American team dominated wrestling action 91
by Bob Ottum

When Rafer Johnson carried the Olympic flame to its cauldron, he uplifted the tens of thousands in the Coliseum, too 96
by Robert Sullivan


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LEADING OFF: Having used metronomes and psychic exercises to get their hearts to beat as one, Canadian synchro swimmers Sharon Hambrook (top) and Kelly Kryczka felt they had more than a leg up on U.S. rivals Candy Costie and Trade Ruiz. But the Americans sank the Canadians by a mere 1.35 points to win the gold.