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16 Roses and Rhubarbs

Pete Rose's return as manager-player of the Reds revved up the team and refreshed Pete's run at Ty Cobb's record
by Steve Wulf

It was take me out to the brawl game as the division-leading Padres tangled with the Braves in a brushback brouhaha
Ron Fimrite 22

28 It's an Old Man's Game After All
Lee Trevino, 44, mowed down a field of youngsters—and one older guy—to win the PGA with a record performance
by Barry McDermott

34 It Was a Flight to the Finish
Carr de Naskra flew through a breathtaking last furlong to win the Travers Stakes, Saratoga's Midsummer Derby
by William Nack

38 An Oldie but Goodie
John Henry, the wealthiest racehorse in the world, is still competing—and getting richer—at the ripe old age of nine
by William Nack

70 The World According to Garf
Howie Garfinkel may be a klutz with a basketball, but he's the consummate pitchman in the summer camp business
by Jack McCallum


11 Scorecard
62 Baseball
66 Pro Football
87 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra


LEADING OFF: Philadelphia third-base coach Dave Bristol is no goof-off, but he often lies down on the job, as he did here when some low-down body language was the only way he could tell Juan Samuel to slide—safely, as it turned out, for a triple—in last Thursday's game at San Diego.