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12 John Henry Was the One in the Million
The grand old geezer of racing was at it again, leading 11 whippersnappers to the wire in Chicago's Arlington Million
by William Nack

16 On Top of the World in Switzerland
Evelyn Ashford hooked up with old rival Marlies Göhr in Zurich and nailed her with a world record for the 100
by Craig Neff

20 He's No Longer the Talk of the Town
With a new lady on his arm and a big contract in hand, Joe Theismann, formerly King Quote, is strangely silent
by Bruce Newman

26 The Verdict Is In on Practice
Quarterback Ken O'Brien and defensive end Mark Gastineau spent the week in court but still led the Jets to victory
by Paul Zimmerman

28 The Trade That Made the Cubs
Chicago was gambling when it got pitcher Rick Sutcliffe from Cleveland, but the deal may have won the pennant
by John Garrity

32 A Very Rare Bird Indeed
If Tino Lettieri is the NASL's best goalie, he owes it all to Ozzie and his other friends of the parrot persuasion
by Franz Lidz

50 Climbing Clear Up to the Heights
Greg LeMond, a Huck Finn with thighs of steel, is the first American to pedal into European biking's upper echelons
by Bob Ottum


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40 Pro Football
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67 For the Record
68 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Jerry Wachter


LEADING OFF: Who now brown cow? Why, It's Greg LeMond, the phenomenal young U.S. cyclist, out for a training ride In the Swiss boonies to help get the bod In shape for hit defense of the world title.