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14 He Passed with Flying Colors
Dolphin quarterback Dan Marino nearly got the max in the NFL quarterback ratings during a 35-17 rout of the Skins
by Paul Zimmerman

20 And May the Best Man Win
New York teammates Dave Winfield and Don Mattingly are in a tight battle for the American League batting crown
by Steve Wulf

22 A Cloudy Week In the Sunshine State
Miami edged Florida for its second win of the season, but the Gators lost much more than a football game
by John Underwood

30 'I Know I'm Different'
He's rough. He's tough. And he speaks his mind. They just don't make 'em like Pittsburgh tackle Bill Fralic anymore
by Douglas S. Looney

56 What Happened to the Class of '81?
In 1981 Oakland's starters seemed to have brilliant futures, but only one of them has pitched in the majors this year
by Ron Fimrite


9 Scorecard
43 College Football
44 Pro Football
48 Golf
50 Baseball
54 Boxing
73 For the Record
74 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Jerry Wachter


LEADING OFF: Washington's little Joe Washington went flying through the air, but hardly with the greatest of ease as he scored this fourth-quarter touchdown in the Redskins' 35-17 loss to Miami that just about personified your basic too little too late.