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14 They Did Their Things
As foreordained, John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova put on clinics en route to winning their U.S. Open crowns
by Curry Kirkpatrick

22 They Lowered the Boom on Hogeboom
Led by Lawrence Taylor, the New York Giants made life miserable for Dallas and new quarterback Gary Hogeboom
by Paul Zimmerman

30 K.C. Has Become a Royal Pain
Kansas City didn't bother a soul the first half of the season, but now the Royals are fighting for first in the AL West
by Ron Fimrite

34 Welcome to the Chocolate Factory
The silver salmon off Kodiak Island are so bountiful that anglers are in seventh heaven—and not too far from hell
by Clive Gammon

64 The Extraordinary Mr. X
Everyone jokes about his 10-cent swing, but Miller Barber-golf's Mr. X—laughs last...all the way to the bank
by Barry McDermott


11 Scorecard
42 TV/Radio
46 College Football
52 Baseball
58 Pro Football
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan


LEADING OFF: Would you bet this $1.7 million contemporary on Long Island's exclusive Kings Point that the player rated No. 100 in men's tennis—whoever he is—would beat Martina Navratilova? Well, these are Vitas Gerulaitis's digs, and he's the one who's putting his house where his mouth is.