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14 Their Fancy Was Passing
Seattle soared into a first-place tie with Denver in the AFC West as Steve Largent snagged 12 passes and a TD
by Paul Zimmerman

20 Surprise! These Kings Are Aces
After its most abysmal start ever, L.A. has made a majestic comeback, thanks to its general manager, Rogie Vachon
by Jack Falla

22 It Was A Flutie, Not A Fluke
Doug Flutie arched a last-second pass into the heavens hat gave Boston College a miracle victory over Miami
by John Underwood

32 Trimming The Lakers' Sales
The Clippers have moved up the freeway from San Diego and are giving Los Angeles a cut-rate NBA alternative
by Alexander Wolff

36 He Gets His Kicks In Lots Of Ways
For Harvard man Pat McInally of the Cincinnati Bengals, the big picture includes punting, writing and composing
by John Garrity

72 Everybody's Doin' It
Getting into the fitness business, that is. It's a robust growth industry with sales in the U.S. that are far from flabby
by Jack McCallum
Special Reporting by Armen Keteyian


9 Scorecard
53 Cross-Country
56 College Football
64 College Basketball
68 Pro Football
91 For The Record
92 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier



LEADING OFF: The master, Pat Porter (1), taught the pupils a few hard lessons as he led them up Schoolmaster Hill in Boston's Franklin Park en route to his third consecutive TAC/USA national cross-country championship.