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Revelations of blood doping have served to mar the achievements of some top U.S. cyclists at the '84 Games
by Bjarne Rostaing and Robert Sullivan

18 An investigation of a runner's death revealed that illegal drugs had flowed from Nashville to Clemson University
by Bill Brubaker

22 A New Brew From Milwaukee
The revamped Bucks didn't seem to have the ingredients to win, but coach Don Nelson had the recipe for success
by Alexander Wolff

26 They're Old But Not Toothless
The Islanders may be getting gray, but they showed they haven't lost their bite by going on an old-fashioned streak
by E.M. Swift

30 Shoot First, Last And Always
Alfredrick (The Great) Hughes, an uncelebrated Loyola of Chicago forward, is a gunner of the Pistol's high caliber
by Curry Kirkpatrick

48 Super Bowl Preview
The NFL's top teams and quarterbacks square off in the game asking the question: Can Dan Marino be stopped?
by Paul Zimmerman

56 Niners' linemen Keith Fahnhorst and Randy Cross are tops at doing their job—keeping quarterback Joe Montana hale
by Ron Fimrite


9 Scorecard
42 Tennis
44 College Basketball
69 For The Record
70 19th Hole



LEADING OFF: Cover photographs by Walter Iooss Jr. (left) and Ronald C. Modra

At last week's Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs, the host was

definitely the most. Whether he was in a trap or on—well, sort of on—the tee, his game had a certain pattern to it. Just call him the Man from Plaid.