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14 Bloody, Beaten, But Unbowed
Though the judges said it was close, WBA lightweight champ Livingstone Bramble routed Boom Boom Mancini
by Pat Putnam

18 A Dubious Gambit In Moscow
Just when chess champ Anatoly Karpov seemed to be fading, young challenger Gary Kasparov was checkmated
by William Oscar Johnson

20 He Put A Feather In His Cap(s)
Well-chapeaued Bill Elliott, with a lot of help from his family, sped to a scorching victory in the rich Daytona 500
by Sam Moses


24 If Doug Flutie can hold his ground as a professional, the USFL stands some chance to reach Olympian heights
by Ralph Wiley

32 First it was Boston, then New Orleans. Now the USFL's Breakers are heading for a new home again—Portland
by Rick Telander

42 Not Yet At Her Peak
Pat Bradley is simply too good a golfer to play second fiddle to better-known stars on the women's tour forever
by Sandy Keenan

58 A Man And His Mountain
Dave McCoy first skied Mammoth Mountain some 50 years ago. What he has done since is a mammoth achievement
by William Oscar Johnson


9 Scorecard
52 College Basketball
73 For The Record
74 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Lane Stewart



LEADING OFF: This week's award for tireless pursuit of excellence goes to Todd Cooper, a member of driver Joe Ruttman's pit crew at the Daytona 500. During a tire change on Lap 144, Ruttman's erstwhile right front wheel went on a roll of its own. By the time Cooper rounded it up, Ruttman was back on the track, heading to a 17th-place finish.