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16 The Lord Of The Ring
Larry Holmes pummeled David Bey to score a 10th-round TKO and keep his heavyweight title in his last fight (maybe)
by Pat Putnam

20 The Pros Outweighed The Cons
Quarterback Bernie Kosar could offer about five million good reasons why he left Miami early to join the NFL
by John Underwood

22 Head And Shoulders Above The Crowd
That's the Ewingtown Hoyas, and they're looking so powerful that the only question remaining is, Who's No. 2?
by Curry Kirkpatrick

42 Talk About Bad Table Manners
Eric Boggan, the best American table-tennis player in 25 years, can match John McEnroe outburst for outburst
by Jaime Diaz

70 Mantle & Mays
Once they were baseball's biggest heroes, and after too many years in exile, they're now back where they belong
by Ron Fimrite


11 Scorecard
54 Extra Points
58 Swimming
62 Inside Pitch
66 Boating
87 For The Record
88 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra



LEADING OFF: To offer Lehigh all the support she could give, Jamie Sorcher needed all the support she could get. Of course, what the Engineers really needed against top-ranked Georgetown were a few Larry Birds and Kareem Abdul-Jabbars.