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24 The Buck Didn't Stop
Spend a Buck spurted to the lead, then sped on to win the 111th Kentucky Derby in the third-fastest time in history
by William Nack

30 Charles In Charge
It was a not-so-little child, Charles Barkley, who led the 76ers as they swept the Bucks in the NBA playoffs
by Alexander Wolff

32 Picking Up Where They Left Off
As the Cubs and Padres met in a minisequel to their fall classic, a rip-roaring rivalry clearly was in the making
by Craig Neff


38 The Steroid Explosion

In large and ever-increasing numbers, athletes are using anabolic steroids to get an edge. They may get trouble
by William Oscar Johnson

Steve Courson, the Tampa Bay Bucs' 6'1", 285-pound guard, a user himself, says steroids are rife in the NFL 50

Charles J. Radler recounts the rags-to-riches-to-ruin story of how he became a supplier of drugs to athletes 56

62 You Name It, They Play It
Three brothers from Ohio are starring in three sports at three colleges, and a fourth brother is coming along
by John Garrity

82 Magic Faces The Music
After his playoff miseries of '84, Earvin (Magic) Johnson is under pressure as the beat picks up this time around
by Bruce Newman


19 Scorecard
71 Baseball
78 Volleyball
115 For The Record
117 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt



LEADING OFF: Fans just naturally fall for the Cubs. The net result of this basket catch at Wrigley is that a Bleacher Bum avoids beaning Keith Moreland.