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24 The NBA

Boston squeezed past Detroit and then jumped ahead of old rival Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference finals
by Alexander Wolff

Patrick Ewing was the prize and New York's Knicks the big winner in a nationally televised lottery among big losers 28

30 A Wind Of Change Blows At Indy
Pancho Carter punched out a surprising record run in a car powered by a Buick V-6 to win the Indianapolis 500 pole
by Sam Moses

32 The Commissioner Gets Tough
Fearful of the impact of illicit drugs on the national pastime, Peter Ueberroth announces plans for mandatory testing
by Jim Kaplan and Ivan Maisel

40 Make Way For The Mauchies
Thanks to Gene Mauch's return to the dugout, the surprising Angels have the rest of the American League West reeling
by Craig Neff

48 Hana Is Getting It All Together
Hana Mandlikova learned the hard way that it's much wiser to upset people with smooth strokes than sharp words
by Jaime Diaz

80 A Champ With Lots Of Clout
Eusebio Pedroza is a lord of two rings: He is the WBA featherweight king and a member of Panama's senate
by Clive Gammon

100 The Telltale Heart
Was the chest pain the author felt a sign of heart trouble? Finding the answer cost him sleepless nights and $8,983
by Dan Levin


19 Scorecard
90 TV/Radio
92 Baseball
129 For The Record
130 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: Usually, for Edmonton goalie Grant Fuhr stretching just means warming up for another victory. However, he was stretched but good by the Black Hawks at week's end. After a record 12 straight playoff wins (over two seasons), the Oilers were beaten twice in Chicago, and the semifinal series stood at 2-2.