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18 Jumping Back Into The Limelight
At the UCLA/Pepsi meet, Carl Lewis resumed his assault on the world long-jump record and came tantalizingly close
by Kenny Moore

22 Presenting The Phillie Phollies
E as in error keeps popping up on scoreboards around the league as the hapless Phillies struggle to find themselves
by Ivan Maisel

24 The NBA Playoffs
Los Angeles and Boston took 3-1 leads in their conference finals and seemed headed for another title showdown
by Bruce Newman and Alexander Wolff

28 Stanley Cup '85: Oilers Vs. Flyers
Philadelphia has what it takes to stop Wayne Gretzky, but the Great One is not the whole show for Edmonton
by E.M. Swift and Jack Falla

34 A Runner On A Roll
Herschel Walker has been dynamite of late, regaining the respect of his critics after a disappointing 1984 season
by Douglas S. Looney

40 His Career Is Taking Off
Peter Jacobsen's talent as a mimic has overshadowed his golf game, but now his success is reaching new heights
by Jaime Diaz

46 Did They Drive Over The Line?
Former sports car racing champion John Paul Sr. and his Indy 500-driving son face charges in a major drug case
by Sam Moses

66 A Day In The Life Of Mount Kenya
The author explores one brief, but revealing, span of time in the history of the most mystical mountain in all Africa
by Gary Smith


15 Scorecard
56 Baseball
62 Horse Racing
85 For The Record
86 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Chuck Solomon



LEADING OFF: Like father, like son isn't written in stone in the Stones family, at least not for young Jason, who shunned his dad Dwight's vertical specialty for a leap into Carl Lewis's sandbox at the UCLA/Pepsi meet.