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20 Oh Danny Boy, It Was Your Day
Danny Sullivan threw a 360-degree spin into the Indy 500 equation and survived to win over veteran Mario Andretti
by Sam Moses

26 Look Who Came To The Rescue
Wayne Gretzky led Edmonton to two straight victories in the Stanley Cup finals after Philadelphia had won Game 1
by E.M. Swift

30 The Blue Jays Are Ruling The Roost
On the wings of a seven-game winning streak, Toronto flew out to a safe lead in the treacherous American League East
by Ivan Maisel

36 At Last, The Kid's A Big Hit
A batting bust with the Toronto Blue Jays, Danny Ainge has found the range with the defending champion Celtics
by Alexander Wolff

44 After The Gold, Some Glitter
Overshadowed at Los Angeles despite her heroics, Valerie Brisco-Hooks has begun to receive deserved recognition
by Tony Castro

55 Rebels With A Good Cause
Tampa Bay's Bandits don't know where they'll play in '86. They do know they want the '85 USFL title for John Bassett
by Jill Lieber

74 So Good, He's Scary
Atlanta's Dale Murphy frightens pitchers, but his fans are so numerous he has to struggle to find time for his family
by Rick Reilly


17 Scorecard
62 Baseball
66 Golf
70 Lacrosse
101 For The Record
102 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier



LEADING OFF: A little bird told the Phillies and Dodgers to stop a recent game, so they tried to catch up with it in fowl territory; the bird in hand (inset) was nabbed in an earlier rundown.



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