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20 A Day Of Horror And Shame
A soccer riot in Brussels left 38 dead and 437 injured after English hooligans attacked panic-stricken Italian fans
by Clive Gammon

36 The 'Movie Stars' Changed Their Act
The glittery Los Angeles Lakers took top billing with a smash double feature after Boston dominated the premiere
by Alexander Wolff

46 Riding The Crest Of A Gusher
Having dispatched the Flyers in five games, the young Edmonton Oilers can look ahead to a long reign in the NHL
by E.M. Swift

53 Getting A L'egg Up In New York
Francie Larrieu Smith jumped the tracks and beat a top field in the L'eggs Mini Marathon 10K through Central Park
by Kenny Moore

56 She Cleaned Their Clocks
Nancy Lopez overcame an upsetting slow-play penalty to win her second LPGA title by a whopping eight strokes
by Barry McDermott

62 Andy's In A Lone Star State
No other pitcher can match the record of Padre and Texan Andy Hawkins, who has 10 victories in his first 10 starts
by Richard Reilly

70 The Sixth Great Lake
Champlain's history contains geologic twists and turns, revolutionary battles and maybe, or maybe not, a monster
by Robert F. Jones


15 Scorecard
91 For The Record
92 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: The dead and the grieving: testimony to the savagery that erupted at the European Cup soccer final in Brussels, where 38 perished and hundreds were injured.