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20 A Blast From The Past
Andy North hadn't won since his '78 Open, but he hung in there and triumphed at Oakland Hills as T.C. Chen folded
by Barry McDermott

26 Hot Times In The AL East
Earl Weaver heard "the right words" and came back to take charge of the sagging Orioles after a 2½-year absence
by Craig Neff

It's a whole new ball game for the Red Sox, who have bunted and pitched to within shouting distance of Toronto
by Peter Gammons 30


36 Troubled Times At Memphis State
The Tigers made it to the '85 Final Four, but questions are now being raised about the school's basketball program
by Douglas S. Looney

46 A Taste Of High Society
Anchored by 7'6¾" Manute Bol, the Rhode Island Gulls are making themselves at home in the tony town of Newport
by Bruce Newman

74 New Breed From The North
Inspired by Bjorn Borg and trained in junior development programs, Swedes are setting the pace in men's tennis
by Curry Kirkpatrick


15 Scorecard
56 Track & Field
58 Baseball
64 Rowing
68 Boxing
93 For The Record
94 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Jacqueline Duvoisin Inset by Chuck Solomon



LEADING OFF: A lot of people throw their weight around in New York City, but few have as much to throw as the sumo wrestlers who bellied into Madison Square Garden last week. Here they kick into a training routine called keiko (see Scorecard, page 15).