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14 All Bent Out Of Shape
A twisted tale unfolded in the National League East when New York and Montreal met to compare their winter trade
by Craig Neff

18 Take My Golf Game, Please!!!
A grocery store manager checks in with an 18-hole score of 257 and checks out with the title of Worst Avid Golfer
by Jack McCallum

20 A Net Loss Is 'Nova's Gain
Wildcat coach Rollie Massimino rejected the millions bid by the NBA's Nets to remain with his NCAA champion team
by Alexander Wolff

22 Now Eric's Hell On Wheels, Too
Eric Heiden, who has traded his ice skates for a bicycle, was the surprise winner of the first U.S. pro championship
by Bruce Newman

30 Time For A Boxing Quiz
How did the heavyweight division get to be the muddle it is? An exam to help unravel the recent past and the present
by Pat Putnam

38 A Mauling In Tiger Town
Football-crazy Massillon, Ohio got swept up in a tempest when Mike Currence was fired as the high school coach
by Jack McCallum

60 A Great Role Player
Whether he's impersonating his manager or getting a key hit, Kurt Bevacqua of the Padres is a good man in a pinch
by John Underwood


9 Scorecard
48 Baseball
52 Soccer
56 Pro Football
77 For The Record
78 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Lane Stewart



LEADING OFF: Rollie Massimino turned down a $2 million NBA job to stay with his Villanova gym rats, and during a Science of Sport exhibit at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute he watched as another roundball rodent, Dr. J Jr., jammed one.