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16 Mario And Danny, Meet Al Jr.
Al Unser Jr. outlasted a pair of fierce and famous Indy rivals to win the rich U.S. Grand Prix at the Meadowlands
by Sam Moses

20 Hot Stroke, Hot Streak
Yankees centerfielder Rickey Henderson is having a heat wave and putting American League opponents in a sweat
by Jim Kaplan

22 wow!
After Anne White defied Wimbledon convention by wearing a bodysuit—making her a pioneer—the outfit was banned
by Curry Kirkpatrick

24 The Stallions Came Out Kicking
Danny Miller booted five field goals to give Birmingham a dramatic 22-20 USFL first-round victory over Houston
by Ralph Wiley

30 Something Screwy Going On Here
Fernando Valenzuela's scroogie continues to mystify, but just as baffling is his rags-to-riches-to-hard-luck story
by Tony Castro

38 Riding The Wave Of The Future
American surfing has finally found a hero in Tommy Curren, a Californian who's making a splash on the pro circuit
by Armen Keteyian

62 The Only Game In Town
One weekend every summer, Lowell, Mich. becomes Mackerville, the home of a three-on-three basketball fest
by Alexander Wolff


11 Scorecard
48 Baseball
52 Marbles
54 TV/Radio
56 Golf
79 For The Record
80 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Jerry Wachter



LEADING OFF: It rained and rained and rained some more on Wimbledon's first week, and while the players headed to their tearooms, the groundskeepers—in the spirit of James Bond—worked undercover.