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Boris Made It A Boom Town

Boris Becker came home a hero after wowing them at Wimbledon

Some 8,000 people greeted Becker, who—there's hope, girls—doesn't have a steady and likes the Police (the rockers, not the cops).

As the crowds gathered in Leimen, West Germany (pop. 17,000) on Friday in anticipation of Boris Becker's triumphant return after his conquest of Wimbledon, a loudspeaker blared the country's newest hit, a thumping rock ballad called Boom Boom Boris. Sample lyrics: "Boom Boom Boris, winner of Wimbledon; Boom Boom Boris, you hit the ball like a phantom.... Boom Boom Boris, the whole world already knows who you are." Indeed, according to one poll, the 17-year-old Becker is already the best-known athlete in the history of his country.