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14 The Cards Are Coming Up Aces
With speed, defense, pitching and a reshuffled deck, surprising St. Louis holds the upper hand in the NL East
by Craig Neff

20 Boris Made It A Boom Town
After becoming the youngest player and first German to win Wimbledon, Boris Becker came home a big hero

22 A Heavenly Night For The Stars
The Baltimore Stars closed out the USFL's experimental spring schedule by beating Oakland for the championship
by Paul Zimmerman

28 Opening In High Style
Kathy Baker was smart in every way as she made the U.S. Open her first victory since she turned pro two years ago
by Barry McDermott

30 A Center Of Major Contention
The prize in a bitter recruiting war, 7'1" Tito Horford says he is going to play basketball at Houston. Or is he?
by Bill Brubaker

36 He's Driving 'Em Bananas
The phenomenal success of NASCAR ace Bill Elliott and his T-Bird has rivals probing frantically for the Secret
by Sam Moses

60 A Long Way Up
Howie Long left Boston's streets and found stardom and a whole new outlook on life with the Los Angeles Raiders
by Paul Zimmerman


9 Scorecard
51 Boxing
54 Baseball
77 For The Record
79 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Chuck Solomon



LEADING OFF: Soaring sublimely, Sergei Bubka of the Soviet Union flew over Paris last Saturday at an altitude of 19'8¼", and when he touched down he had raised his world record in the pole vault by 2½".