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30 How The Mighty Have Fallen
Baseball's champs-can't-repeat hex is at work again. The Cubs, Padres and Tigers seem out of it; only K.C. contends
by Steve Wulf

36 This Johnny's On The Spot
After 13 years as an NFL running back, John Riggins of the Redskins finds he has to prove himself once more
by Jill Lieber

38 There's A Love Feast On Lake Erie
Bernie Kosar, rookie quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, may be the winner that the town has long been yearning for
by Douglas S. Looney

46 Diamond In A Flawed Setting
Amid scenic grandeur—and lowdown scenes—Tour de France hero Greg LeMond won a 949-mile tour de West
by E.M. Swift

56 The New Mr. Big At BC
The main man at Doug Flutie U. is Mike Ruth, a noseguard for now, but he might put on a clerical collar one day
by Rick Reilly

82 Who Needs Airplanes?
Not BASE jumpers. These parachutists get their kicks—and their acronym—by taking leaps off elevated fixed objects
by Jack McCallum


25 Scorecard
72 Baseball
79 TV/Radio
80 Horse Racing
103 For The Record
106 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier



LEADING OFF: The Fabulous Flutie may have departed, but the sun should still shine on Boston College, thanks in no small part to a large noseguard, name of Mike Ruth. He's a candidate for the Outland Trophy—and the priesthood.