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20 Michael Played The Heavy
Michael Spinks upset Larry Holmes and became the first light heavyweight champion to win the heavyweight crown
by Pat Putnam


28 Deception In The Heart Of Texas
As though the SWC didn't have enough trouble, six TCU football players admitted receiving improper payments
by Douglas S. Looney

What can be done about all the scandals on campus? SI offers a 10-point plan for cleaning up college sports

38 The Old Champ Went Down Swinging
In one of his most bruising bouts, Yankee manager Billy Martin lost a three-round decision to pitcher Ed Whitson
by Moss Klein

40 Now They Know How It Feels
The tough-guy L.A. Raiders got all the worst of it Sunday as the 49ers beat 'em up and piled on the points, 34-10
by Paul Zimmerman

70 Pride Of The Yuppies
On the field, Gary Fencik is a bear of a football player; off it, he's your regular upwardly mobile young professional
by Rick Telander


15 Scorecard
49 Baseball
58 Pro Football
64 College Football
68 Harness Racing
85 For The Record
86 19th Hole

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LEADING OFF: No way Jim Plunkett (16) will be putting this picture in the family album. When San Francisco's 275-pound Jeff Stover slammed Plunkett to the turf Sunday, the Raider quarterback had to leave the game with a dislocated shoulder.