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18 The Vols Had A Ball
Tony Robinson's four touchdown passes and a rugged Tennessee D left Bo Jackson and Auburn in ruins, 35-20
by Rick Reilly

24 California Dreamin'
Brad Gerlach surfed past the world champ, Aussie Tom Carroll, and won the Stubbies Pro in Oceanside, Calif.
by Dan Levin

26 Everybody's Picking On Poor Joe
Joe Theismann's troubles mounted as the Chicago Bears handed the Skins their third loss in four games, 45-10
by E.M. Swift

34 Winning In A Jaywalk
A first-class organization built by one Wolley Segap is why Toronto's unsung Blue Jays have dominated the AL East
by Hank Hersch

44 Champ With Strange Ideas
Michael Spinks upset Larry Holmes, thanks in part to a novel training plan that took the light out of heavyweight
by Pat Putnam

72 'A Man Has To Care'
So says the Angels' Gene Mauch, who is in hot pursuit of his first pennant in his 24th year as a big league manager
by Ron Fimrite


13 Scorecard
55 TV/Radio
58 Pro Football
62 Baseball
69 College Football
91 For The Record
92 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra



LEADING OFF: It was nip and tuck for a while, but last week Toronto just about kissed its rivals goodby. Here, Tony Fernandez of the Blue Jays gets up close and personal with Daryl Boston of the White Sox.