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30 College Football

Ohio State dropped Iowa from the top of the rankings with a rugged defense that intercepted Chuck Long four times
by Hank Hersch

34 Winning has become the Hall-mark at Florida, where a team has nothing to play for—except the national title
by Rick Reilly

37 This season's Penn State team is less talented than the '82 championship squad, but it's every bit as Lionhearted
by Jack McCallum

40 How does 9-0 Air Force do it? The Falcons don't have the greatest athletes, but they're long on smarts and character
by Douglas S. Looney

46 Some Kind Of Day At The Races
The Breeders' Cup lived up to its all-star billing, and Proud Truth's stretch run in the Classic was a splendid finale
by William Nack

52 Blowing A Fuse Over The News
Bad tidings concerning their beloved basketball team had Kentucky adherents whistling a foul on a newspaper
by Alexander Wolff and Robert Sullivan

54 Handle At Your Own Risk
Don't mess with Ingrid Berghmans. Belgium's world judo champion tears through opponents—and through her life
by Barry McDermott

63 By Design, He's Different
Dennis Swilley, Vikings center, artist and architect, is back in the NFL after skipping a year to build his dream house
by Jill Lieber

80 Attaboy, Bret
Bret Saberhagen became a dad, won Game 7 and met the Prez, and he'll have more sweet dreams—if he can sleep
by E.M. Swift


25 Scorecard
68 Extra Points
72 Karate
74 College Football
107 For The Record
109 19th Hole

Cover photographs by John Iacono (left) and Ronald C. Modra



LEADING OFF: Kids as well as adults got their kicks and licks in the national karate championships at Daytona Beach, Fla. Here in the 7-8 age group, Vonnie Andros puts her dukes up as Seneca Luther gets a leg up.